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4x7 Review

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I stumble over quite a lot of interesting articles and some are worth sharing on this site. I plan to do this every 4 weeks (thus “4x7 Review”) and I will include my own posts, some training highlights and some of my nutrition. Enjoy!

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  • Happy Birthday, Blog!
  • Apart from that, not much has been going on. Between my skiing vacation in Austria and this review I spent a lot of time learning a new language (see below). Regular blogging will resume soon!

Notable past training

It’s two weeks until my big A race this year, the Vienna City half-marathon. Training has been really good, I did some solid tempo work (mile-repeats three weeks in a row and speeding up for the long runs as well.) March isn’t entirely over yet, but I managed to get 160km in so far (with 21km more scheduled for tomorrow).

In order to stay injury-free I also added a few PT sessions, which are super helpful. Still, I can’t wait for the taper to start, my legs feel about ready!

Upcoming training

One more long run planned for tomorrow. Then I’ll throw in one speed session next week (8x800) and from there on out it’s going to be taper time.

Food consumed

I won’t bore you with everything I ate during the past four weeks, but there is always a meal or two that was special.

Well, as mentioned, we’ve been on vacation in Austria, and to goto meal for lunch was Kaiserschmarrn. Rest assured, I’ve had my fair share of it…

Found elsewhere

Lastly, a more or less uncommented link-dump of the past 28 days.

  • I’ve been busy learning Clojure at work, and while reading a book is helpful, practicing the new language is even better. If you are a programmer and haven’t come across I highly recommend you check it out.
  • Interesting look behind the scene of how a single cron-job still schedules Buffer’s posts.

With that, have a great four weeks ahead. And remember, you can subscribe to this blog via Atom as well as Feedburner. And if you prefer email over RSS, subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for reading!