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Year in Review: A Look Back on 2013

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The year 2013 is past us by now and so it’s the appropriate thing to do to have a look back and recap what happened.

By the numbers

Well, doh, I’m a nerd, so let’s start with the numbers. On December 11th, I tweeted:

I’m happy to say that I managed to get those missing 2.5km (and then some) of running in! All in all I cycled 1562.94km (29mi short of 1000 miles) in 2013, whereas I ran 1565.83km. For someone having a love-hate relationship with running, this is pretty huge!

If you head over to Strava, you can see my running heatmap and the cycling heatmap. The latter is pretty boring, as I don’t take my bike with me very often abroad, so all the heat is local. But if you zoom out on the running heatmap, you can find at least some remote areas (hint: Baltimore, MD and Miami, FL).

On the Bike

My favourite rides are most certainly the long ones (> 90km), of which I managed to get five in. My personal highlight happens to be the longest as well, clocking in with 136.17km and 1284m of climbing:

All in all I wish I had spent more time on the bike, but with the late start of the season (due to my focus on the Vienna City Half Marathon in April 2013) and then some not so ideal weather combined with time constraints, there just wasn’t going to be more riding possible.

In the Shoes

As noted above, in 2013 I actually ran more than I biked. For me this is the best sign that I’m slowly turning my love-hate relationship into true love. There is a lot of work still to be done (strength and flexibility in order to stay injury-free, for example!), but I’m indeed happy with last year’s running.

Most importantly, I ran my first half-marathon and had a lot of fun doing so. My finish time was a good start, and I improved on that during my second and shortly after that with my third half-marathon in Baltimore, MD.

Not only did I PR in each of my three half-marathons, I also improved my 10km time twice (with an unofficial PR of 42’15” still standing).

Speaking of the 10km distance, I finished the year on a high note by running a solid 43’34” at the “MRRC Silvesterlauf” on New Year’s Eve. I’m particularly happy with this time since I just finished my first base-building training block and used the race to actually do a 30 minute time trial (10’ tempo, followed by 30’ all-out and then the rest to the finish line as fast as possible). I managed to run 7.04km in 30 minutes, which is already in the same area of my summer time trials. Not too shabby.

The Fitness

I haven’t been very good at general strength training, let alone stretching. I did, however, do a bit of core work. More than 200 bits, actually. Starting January 1st, 2013, I had a streak of a short (8-10 minutes) plank routine (front, side, push-ups, sit-ups), that I managed to continue right until the Vienna City Half Marathon, making it more than 100 consecutive days. I didn’t do the routine in Vienna (for various reasons), and after that, since the streak was broken, I slacked over the summer. Then, on September 22, 2013 I noticed that there’d be exactly 100 days left for the year, so I decided to end the year as I started it, with a 100 day streak of daily planks.

I’m happy to report that, with the help of Beeminder I managed to keep that streak alive (and am now counting towards 150).

The Code

Yes, coding happened as well in 2013. If you search for “#code2013” on Twitter you’ll see what people programmed in (aggregated to this nice overview). My contribution to that looks like this:

With that, I’m looking forward to a successful year 2014 with new challenges, fun rides, great runs and lots of coding. How did your numbers add up in 2013? Feel free to leave a comment below!