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4x7 Review

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I stumble over quite a lot of interesting articles and some are worth sharing on this site. I plan to do this every 4 weeks (thus “4x7 Review”) and I will include my own posts, some training highlights and some of my nutrition.

This will be really short, since I have another (longer, and kinda epic) story coming up for later today.

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Notable past training

I took almost two weeks off after the Baltimore half-marathon in order to recover and refresh. I then slowly eased back into training with a bit of cross-training (mostly weights and some cycling in the gym), before going for my first run of this training cycle, a whopping 6km on November 4th. Since then, I slowly (remember the good old 10% rule?) increased my weekly mileage and my long-run mileage. This week, I’ll end up with 32km and the first two digit long run (10km, planned for this Sunday).

For November, I ran 100.5km (for comparison, November 2012 had me at 23km).

Upcoming training

I’ll continue this base training period until right before the week of Christmas, making it a nice 7 week period, followed by one easy week during the holidays. After that, I scheduled three 4-week blocks with one week recovery in between, which, after a two week taper, leads me to the Vienna City Half-Marathon on April 13, 2014.

Found elsewhere

Lastly, a more or less uncommented link-dump of the past 28 days.

With that, have a great four weeks ahead. And remember, you can subscribe to this blog via Atom as well as Feedburner. And if you prefer email instead of RSS, subscribe to my newsletter. Thanks for reading!