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A Miami-Beach Runaround

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I had the pleasure of attending this year’s RubyConf and while I have the best intention to write about in some more detail, this has yet to happen. In the meantime, enjoy my Miami Beach Runaround.


For my route planning I perused Garmin’s heat map as well as Strava’s route planning. Turns out, running along the ocean drive seems kinda popular, and since the hotel was right at the beach, I planned a quick 8km route along Ocean Drive, west on 5th Street and then up north and back to the hotel. For some reason, I failed at exporting this route to the CueSheet app on my Xperia Active phone (my “outdoor” companion), and since I was running short on time, this had to do:

Ocean Drive

I skipped lunch on the first day of the conference and quickly changed into my running clothes (shorts and singlet would do just fine, thanks to the nice Florida weather). Stepping out of the hotel, I found myself on the boardwalk that runs parallel to Ocean Drive. Heading south, I found the boardwalk pretty empty, not very surprising for a Friday Noon. I still passed the stereotypical outdoor-gym folks in their muscle shirts doing pull-ups of various sorts, and some others were enjoying a nice game of beach volleyball.

I have to say, there is a reason why this part of Miami Beach shows up on Garmin’s heat map. It is a very nice running path. But as an out-and-back run kinda defeats the purpose of a Runaround, instead of turning around I headed west on 5th Street and raced the green phase of the traffic lights … mostly failing. This part was the least enjoyable of the run, but I had known that beforehand.

Turning north I headed up Alton Road and somehow managed to get into a good rhythm with the traffic lights, up until 10th Street, where I was greeted with water. Not just a small puddle, but rather a large flooding. Even though it was warm outside I wasn’t too keen on getting my feet soaking wet, so I tracked back and ran for a bit on the road (and I didn’t even get honked at … achievement unlocked), which then allowed my to cross 10th Street. Too much water for my tasteToo much water for my taste

After that I made my way through the Flamingo Park and Pool (which sounds nicer than it actually is) and continued heading North on Meridian Avenue, crossing the Lincoln road mall and finally meeting something I only had spotted on the map during route planning:

Holocaust Memorial

I had no idea that there is a Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, but after spotting it on the map I was curious to visit it. After reaching 1933-1945 Meridian Road (yes, that’s the official address) I took a moment of silence and then spontaneously decided to do a Runaround within a Runaround, making my way along the inner wall of the memorial that lists names of victims of the holocaust. Quite impressive, in the most negative sense. A very peaceful place of remembrance nonetheless.

Home Stretch

Turning east I made my way back to the ocean with only two traffic lights stopping me. After exactly 8.0km (according to my Garmin, somehow Strava adds 0.4km) I was back where I started. After a short cool down at the beach I quickly showered and switched back to conference mode.

Here is the Runaround on Strava in all its beauty:

Surprisingly I managed to miss all Strava segments along the route.

I did get another chance of running in Florida weather on Sunday, where I opted to do a 5km barefoot run on the beach. Quite enjoyable, makes me wish we had long beach (or any beach at all) in Munich. How is your November training coming along?