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One More Race: Baltimore Running Festival

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After focusing my running season on long runs with two half-marathons I wanted to see how fast I could run on a shorter distance. The stars didn’t line up, so instead, I’ll run yet another half-marathon! Here’s how:

Since starting to run again in late 2010 I only had very few opportunities to run shorter races (less than 10km). There is a local charity race which offers a 5km and 10km distance. While I’ve run the 10km twice already, I don’t consider this to be a good race for a PR attempt, as

  • it is not chip timed
  • is measured notoriously short (the 10km ends up being 9.6km usually)

Then there is the B2Run every year, but that is an odd 6.3km and you have to line up really early to be able to run fast, otherwise it’s just too crowded. This year I didn’t even bother to register.

As as the running season is winding down, I thought about my options. The local charity race was out of question (going to pace my 9yo for his first 5k, though), so what’s one to do? I’ll be flying to Baltimore, MD in two weeks to visit a good friend and watch some football. Following an intuition I googled “Baltimore 5k October 12” and it turns out there is the Baltimore Running Festival on Saturday, October 12th, that offers a 5k run. Could I really be that lucky?

Ugh, crazy early start (8.15am), but yeah, that’s doable, the starting line is right around the corner from my hotel and I’ll probably be awake early anyway due to jet-lag. Check ✓.

Ugh, packet pickup only at the Expo the night before. That could be a deal breaker. But wait, the Expo is open till 9pm. My flight comes in before 7pm, it seems to be only about 25 minutes from the airport to downtown Baltimore. Close, but I can make that. Check ✓.

Let’s sign up for the 5k then. Ugh. It’s sold out, there is a waiting list. Definitely a deal breaker.

However, my brain was already sold on running in Baltimore on October 12th. After some more pondering and planning, I registered for the half-marathon. So unless my plane comes in crazy late on Friday I’ll run another half-marathon this season.

Who would have thought that? Are you running at the Baltimore Running Festival, too? If so, let’s meet!