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Quick Evening Ride

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Call me strange, but I love riding my bike in the hot, glaring sun during summer. For this week so far the weather had finally caught up with being real summer (32°C and up, that’s 90°F+) and I was stuck at work until the evening.

It seems my body can cope really well with heat, I don’t easily get sunburned and prefer a hot summer day without clouds in the sky over a warm albeit grey day any time. Therefore I really enjoy riding my bike in the hotness of the day, when the headwind feels like it’s coming from a hairdryer.

Just this week, though, there was no way to leave early or take a day off for a good long ride. Instead I’ll spend the days at work until the better part of the evening (at least it’s for a good reason). So what’s one to do? Do a quick ride in the evening, just before sunset. There was only a little over an hour of daylight left (no lights on the bike, have to be home before dusk), so I did my short 35km course of choice. Took it easy (except for one segment) and enjoyed the ride. I even stopped to take some pictures.

Coloured skyColoured sky

Here’s my beauty, which I have yet to introduce to you, along with all the other gear I use for running and cycling.

Trek Madone 5.9Trek Madone 5.9

Certainly these pictures make up for the missed hot afternoon ride! Here are all the details, Strava-wise:

I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather while it lasts! Thanks for reading!