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4x7 Review

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I stumble over quite a lot of interesting articles and some are worth sharing on this site. I plan to do this every 4 weeks (thus “4x7 Review”) and I will include my own posts, some training highlights and some of my nutrition. Enjoy!

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This time I actually managed to get some posts written. I’ll later tell you my secret sauce to blogging.

Expect more posts about my cycling adventures as well as (finally!) some technical stuff and coding in the next few weeks!

Notable past training

After my Half Marathon on April 17th, I struggled to get back into a training rhythm. I did a couple of recovery runs, managed to get back to pain-free running at last and mixed in two or three longish (10 – 15km) runs. Then I took it easy again last week in order to prepare for the 10km race on May 1st.

Upcoming training

I noticed that I really miss a structured training plan in regards to my running. On the other hand, I’ve already more kilometers under my belt during the first four months of this year than I had for the entire last year. Therefore I think I’ll continue to run whenever I feel like it and have time during May and then apply some training plan for my next 10km race on July 6th. After that I have one more big race coming in September, my second Half Marathon. I will reuse the same training plan that I had in place for Vienna and this time I will see to stay healthy throughout the whole period.

While I’m not taking the month of May completely off of running, I will try to focus on building some base on the bike – weather permitting.

Food consumed

I won’t bore you with everything I ate during the past four weeks, but there is always a meal or two that was special.

  • Early April the weather allowed for some outside BBQ (not that I’m picky about the weather, it’s just more fun if the weather cooperates). I did a Flank Steak BBQ similar to this one.

    Grilled Flank SteakGrilled Flank Steak

  • Greek Meatza, very easy to prepare, delicious and low-carb.
  • Then, lastly (without picture), I finally went to eat at the Burger House in Munich. Great choice of Burgers, they even offer them no-carb style (at least if you ask). Good stuff, definitely worth a visit.

Found elsewhere

Finally, a more or less uncommented link-dump of the past 28 days (yes, it is a weird mix!).